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So, case in point, I just splurged on these dope shoes. 

My closet right now. You can tell from the mish-mash of wools, cottons, velvets, and knits that the weather over the past few weeks has been kind of jumbled. 

I’m totally in love with these shoes. Best impulse purchase ever. 

Check out my broken-down doll legs. I hope Miss Jay would be proud. 

Chambray shirt - Old Navy

Yellow jeans - Urban Outfitters

Shoes - Vans Surf Chauffeur (currently sold out)

Bright colours and animal print, getting me through this foul Monday.

This cardigan makes me feel like a little kid for two reasons. 1) When I was a kid, I had roughly 2 million pairs of socks in this pointelle pattern, and 2) it has snap buttons instead of regular buttons, which I didn’t realize until like 2 hours ago. 

Today has been a struggle, to say the least.

Magnificently over-the-top bow. The Jason Wu for Target line got (and deserved) pretty mixed reviews, but I do love this wheel print. Even more so since I saw it a few weeks ago in an old episode of Mad Men.